Dry iceDry ice – efficient and saving cooling appliance

One of the first application fields was the cooling of frozen goods during transport. Nowadays, it is used as a fast and reliable cooling appliance in many fields of foodstuff s industry and commerce:
• storage and transport of frozen and cooled goods
• cooling of meals and drinks on the boards of planes and trains
• cooling at grinding and mashing meat
• cooling of wine grapes at harvesting, transport and processing
• removal of potassium bitartrate
• pellet blasting of impurities
• cooling in medicine and pharmaceutical industry 

Chillco System

The CHILLCO system represents a new conception in the cooling of exhibited products as e.g. drinks, meals and candies. Each unit contains a cooled space for exhibiting goods under a transparent protection cover, a space for storing the goods, and a space for cartridges with dry ice. The simplicity, low cost, and electric energy independence are the advantages of this system. It suits for presentations, exhibitions, parties, happenings, and into shops, restaurants etc. as well.

An example of dry ice application:

It happens often that frozen goods bought by customer have been thawed prior can be placed in a freezer at home. However, dry ice is one of solutions for how to keep a low temperature of product. Actually, it is an automat that, after inserting a coin and choosing the amount, doses dry ice into a special bag in which the product was put in. Such treated product keeps a required temperature for a couple of hours longer.

Please see the leaflet Dry ice from Linde (PDF 131 KB) to know all important information.